J.M.’s Story

Over the last few years, I have witnessed the devastating impact of Joe Schraube’s behavior on multiple friends and colleagues in the Berlin psychedelic community. It has been particularly disturbing to witness his harassment and attempts at intimidation against N.S., who bravely has spoken out about abuse from a dangerous ayahuasca shaman named Miguel who Joe is associated with. Besides N.S. own witnessing of this “shaman’s” abusive behavior, countless peope  have contacted her since to share their stories of abuse at the hands of Miguel. Instead of listening to N.S. about his friend Miguel, Joe made a website about N.S., attacking her character and creating false narratives about her in order to discredit her voice and to scare her. To do this to a woman speaking out about abuse, and to do this with the aim of furthering your own agenda, is violent and abusive.

Once N.S.’ community started to support her, Joe turned his aggressive tactics towards her friends, in order to intimidate and manipulate them as well. G.A. was also threatened and verbally attacked publicly by Joe, in what seems like a continued effort to construct a false narrative and further his own agenda.  Joe also decided to change the name of his group to the same name as G.A.’s already well established group, Psychedelic Society Berlin. Apparently, Joe has taken aggressive actions like this previously with other psychedelic society’s too. I have heard multiple similar accounts from psychedelic community leaders from all over the world who have experienced this kind of manipulation and intimidation from him as well. This includes women who had experiences of sexual harassment from him. The devastating impact of his bullying behavior seems to be far reaching.

From all the stories I have heard from the psychedelic community in Germany and other parts of the world, it is clear to me that Joe is not someone who should care for vulnerable people nor should he have any control or platform in this community, unless he is willing to acknowledge his behavior and take steps to work on himself. A group of people, which included parties harmed by him, invited him into an accountability process a few months ago, to which he did not respond for a long time and no further steps in that direction were taken in the end. At this point, it is necessary to call him out publicly in order to save others from being harmed by his dangerous behavior.