G. A.’s Story

An unfortunate sequence of events with Joe Schraube

1. The first time I met Joe was at a Psychedelic Salon in Berlin. At that meeting, Joe spent 70% of the meeting promoting a risky New Psychedelic Substance, talking about it as completely safe and easy to use, still legal in Germany, selling it and announcing Psychedelic Society Germany (PSG) retreats with this substance. Because Joe knew that I wanted to develop projects of my own, Joe tried to prevent me from speaking at the event. A person from the audience had to convince him to allow me to speak. After this, I realized that Joe didn’t want me, or almost anyone, to be part of his own project.

2. After creating the Psychedelic Society Berlin (PSB) together with my partner and a team of friends, I received a message from a Facebook profile called Alice Wonder. Apparently she was very active in the psychedelic scene in Germany. She asked me “why were we doing a Psychedelic Society in Berlin, if there was already the German Psychedelic Society and the Berlin Psychedelic Salon”. My answer to this girl was clear: We did not want to work with Joe Schraube because of negative experiences and testimonies against him. At that time, I didn’t know yet that Alice Wonder was a fake Facebook profile used by Joe to access information. Apparently, Joe uses different profiles and personalities to access information. I mean… Joe Schraube is not even his real name.  

3. After this, Joe started a direct war against me and our member N. S.. just because N. denounced an irresponsible ayahuasca facilitator who is a friend of Joe. And also, because we did not want to work with him. Then it became clear that Joe wanted to be the leader of the psychedelic world in Germany. At that time, I made the mistake of threatening Joe about my influence in the Global Psychedelic Society to leave us alone, and I also tried to talk to him about the problems of abuse of power in the psychedelic world on an international level. Joe used my personal emails with him to send snippets to multiple people I mentioned, out of context, trying to affect my name directly in front of these people. At that moment I realized that Joe commonly used manipulation strategies to defame and attack his opponents, so having communication with him directly was always a direct risk.

4. After all this, Joe decided to change the name of the Psychedelic Salon to Psychedelic Society Berlin, exactly the same name we use. His excuse was that “he already used that name in his Telegram group”. Evidently, he did this in order to confuse our followers and generate more conflict. Subsequently, we began to realize that Joe had already used this strategy multiple times, taking the name and ideas of organizations in order to appropriate them and be the “only psychedelic leader in Germany”.

5. Over the course of two years, we have suffered Joe Schraube’s harassment, offenses, bullying, manipulation and attacks. His methods are refined, and his manner of expression is calm and eloquent, giving the impression that he is a calm and magnanimous person. However, during this time we have suffered from Joe Schraube’s desire to dominate the psychedelic scene in an almost toxic way. For the simple fact of wanting to build a psychedelic platform away from him, we have had to suffer his attacks and lies, and I believe it is time for this to end. We have the right to build a psychedelic community in Germany and Berlin without Joe Schraube. We have the right to do so in peace and in a joyful way. We have the right to use the name Psychedelic Society Berlin without Joe appropriating this name. We have the right to raise our voices to seek justice against the attacks of this person who seeks absolute domination of the psychedelic world.

Joe, you cannot monopolize this movement. We demand that you abandon the organizational name you have stolen from us, and we demand that you stop publicly attacking us just because we do not want to work with you. It is time to build a healthy psychedelic society in Germany that represents the values of working together, in community and with a true psychedelic spirit.