G’s Story

G’s story

In September 2016 I attended an Ayahuasca ceremony led by Miguel Delgado and his sister. I want to share my experience as to warn others. I have witnessed him dragging a woman in the middle of the ceremony, after giving her Ayahuasca and Mushrooms to the bathroom in order to have sex with her after she said NO. I witnessed him emotionally abusing a participant in front of the rest of the group in a comedy of family installation serving only his EGO. I witnessed sexual behavior from Miguel towards most of the female participants before, during and after the ceremony, caressing, sitting in his lap and so on.
The ceremony took place in two rooms and on the first night we of the second room did not see the Shaman unless he was passing our room to go to kitchen and toilet, no guidance no support. I was sitting in another room when Miguel and the woman came through from another room on their way to the bathroom. I was sitting in meditation and the rest of the people in the room were lying down and unaware. I heard her tell him she wants him to fuck her hard and as they passed me she changes her mind and said, NO, NO, I don’t want to, to which he dragged her on from her hand saying it is good , that she would like it and soothing her. I intervened and said to him that she said NO and that he should leave her alone. Which he did. The next morning I brought it up in the circle and he denied it saying its my imagination from the Ayahuasca, she said she couldn’t remember anything. Others in the circle said they witnessed he was sexually manipulating her but I was the only witness to the event.