Who made this site?

We are a group of individuals who have united to share our experiences of abusive behavior in connection to Joe Schraube, legally known as Achim Pochert. He is the current head of the Psychedelic Society Germany and a variety of other projects such as the regional Psychedelic Salons.

This statement and the included testimonials seek to:

  • Support the people who have had negative or traumatic experiences with the man most commonly known as Joe Schraube, so that their voices are heard and they can find a sense of justice.
  • Invite Joe Schraube to permanently delete any online defamation. 
  • Inform the wider community about the allegations made against him so that both organizations and individuals can make informed and appropriate decisions. 
  • Establish a framework to prevent further abuse and to support a process of accountability and harm reduction within the psychedelic community.

Where do we go from here?

For us as individuals and as a group the path up to here has been a difficult one, riddled with stress and anxieties. And this will most likely not stop here! As in the past, we are bracing ourselves against the possible backlash on the side of Joe Schraube, as has happened so many times before (see reports of N.S. and G.A.). Though this is a cause of concern for the individuals in this group, we have decided to update this website with any responses that come from Joe Schraube or Miguel Delgado.

If you have had an experience that you would like to be published as part of the testimonies displayed here, please write to us: Your Story. All testimonies will be published anonymously. 

We will upload reactions on if and when Joe Schraube responds.