A’s Story

Hi N, I would be happy to give you more info about my experience with Miguel the fake shaman. I was volunteering in an eco community near Köln and one of Miguel’s team members asked if they could use our space to host ceremonies. As a thank you, they offered some spots for us. Anyway, some things that stood out… He openly verbally attacked a participant in the middle of the welcome circle where we set our intentions. When some people said they did not want to participate with this negative hosting energy (my partner was one) he attacked them also… picking on vulnerabilities that were disclosed in a supposed ‘safe’ space. He very inappropriately made advances on another participant, who also shared that she was dealing with sexual abuse. I mean beyond disrespectful to the medicine, that’s just wrong. The guy is sick and uses other people’s struggles to make himself feel better. He had ‘helpers’ at the ceremony who had only participated a few times and were now pouring for us, they were constantly doing rapé like it was a party drug. The main host of our community said after the first night that it felt like a frat party and he was uncomfortable with their blatant disrespect. So Miguel opened a big group discussion on how this guy has control issues and what happened to him in his childhood. It was painful to watch. Those who support him seem to be vulnerable too and he’s exploiting that and acting a bit like a cult. 

Please let me know how I can support you further to get this guy and his practices shut down.