“Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor.”- Ginetta Sagan

We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” – Elie Wiesel


Joe Schraube has been active in the psychedelic community in Germany for the past 20 years. Throughout this time, he has been part of several key organizations, such as Entheovision, Entheoscience, the Psychedelic Salons, and the Psychedelic Society  Germany. Over the past few decades, Joe has collaborated with actors of the psychedelic community in Germany and internationally. Through the many years he has invested he has become a known figure in the psychedelic community in Germany.

The creators of this website are aware of the time and effort Joe Schraube has invested in creating psychedelic platforms, spreading information about psychedelics, and supporting the creation of a psychedelic community in Germany and beyond. In this sense, we are aware that Joe Schraube’s work has been valuable, and it is not our intention to dismiss all that he has done for the psychedelic scene.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the serious personal and professional threats after publishing personal testimonies, some have been temporarily suspended in order to protect the witness from the immediate backlash. We are currently investigating the details and circumstances and will inform you about any further development as soon we can.

Allegations against Joe Schraube

The coordinators of this statement have found that there are several common allegations against Joe Schraube within the compilation of testimonies:

1. Manipulative and harmful behavior, scare tactics to induce submission, and defamation

Some of the most significant allegations against Joe Schraube relate to intimidation and manipulation of information against whom he has personal or professional grievances. As you will see in the testimonies to follow,  these strategies include revealing fragments of private conversations, sowing distrust and enmity between organizations, disseminating distorted information, publicly defaming those who try to speak out against him, and intimidation by means of denigrating and belittling remarks.

(See testimonies of Y.O., T.C., G.A., N.S.)

2. High risk drug-consumption & lack of harm reduction within the greater community

The Psychedelic Society Germany claims to be dedicated to protecting the values of harm reduction and conscious consumption. However, Joe Schraube, its representative,  has on numerous occasions contradicted this stance by publicly promoting the consumption and mixing of high-risk psychedelics. He has stated that taking higher doses, lesser-known substances or more dangerous combinations are the “true psychedelic initiation”. Likewise, Joe Schraube has led retreats and provided substances in manners in which harm reduction is questionable. Additionally, he has vehemently protected an abusive ayahuasca facilitator, Miguel Delgado, whom we will also discuss on this page.

(See testimonies of G.A., N.S.)

3. Usurping projects and enforced domination of the psychedelic arena in Germany

Many of the testimonies collected herein relate to Joe Schraube’s evident inability to work within a horizontal team.  For years, Joe Schraube has used methods of suppression, demotivation and appropriation to eliminate or to gain control of projects of which he is not a central figure. For example, while he asserts himself as key to uniting the German psychedelic community, he has shown unsupportive and even harmful behavior towards organizations that do not relate to him or are outside of his command. One of his most notorious tactics is the theft of the names of the organizations of his perceived rivals, showing a monopolistic intent and a desire for absolute power and control over the regional psychedelic organizations.

(See testimonies of G.A., N.S., L.H., J.M.)

4. Sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior towards women

As often happens in cases of abuse of power, there are also testimonies of sexual misconduct by Joe Schraube, in which he uses his position as a facilitator of psychedelic processes and an organizational leader to invite women to participate in sexual acts with him. When such invitations are not reciprocated, it is common for him to react with intimidation, denigration and invalidation tactics. It is important, in this regard, to recognize that this page does not accuse Joe Schraube of sexual abuse, but of sexual misconduct stemming from his positions of power over women who initially trusted him.

(See testimonies of N.S., T.C., H.J.)

5. Allegations of support of malpractice

The provision of psychedelic substances continues to be unregulated due their illegality. This leads to some people providing psychedelics without proper preparation, and who behave in ways that can cause harm to the people the substances are administered to. Recently more and more people are speaking up against harmful and abusive practitioners. 

When N.S. spoke up against the harm she experienced during Miguel Delgado’s ayahuasca retreat, Joe Schraube personally put it upon himself to “investigate” the case, challenging the truthfulness of N.S. experience. This culminated in a website about N.S. which claims that her allegations were false and that no one else would support them, although several other testimonies from different people making the same claims have been shown to Joe. We are unsure of why the invalidation of N.S.’ experience from the side of Joe Schraube occurred. However, there are suspicions of Joe Schraube trying to delegitimize N.S. within the German psychedelic community due to personal conflicts as well as to protect his friend, Miguel Delgado. Moreover, there is a possibility that Joe Schraube wanted to use this website against N.S. to suppress the creation of the Psychedelic Society Berlin of which N.S. is a member. In order to demonstrate the support of malpractice and victim shaming that Joe Schraube exercises, testimonials about the offenses by Miguel Delgado will also be published.

(See testimonies of N.S., J.M., Y.O. and for testimonies about the misconduct of Miguel Delgado see following section)

Intentions & Inspirations

It is commonly said that we are undergoing a psychedelic renaissance. Renewed possibilities in research, increased interest and acceptance in broader society, and political advancement in certain regions of the world are contributing to this trend. This surge in interest also increases the likelihood of encountering issues within the community; more people means more perspectives, more ways of behaving, and a greater diversity of beliefs. Though this is something that is desired and needed for the inclusion of all, as well as inspiring development, it also opens the floor to adverse encounters or social predicaments. We believe that in order for the psychedelic community to flourish, criticality and the willingness to learn from mistakes is crucial, as is the integration of social justice principles. 

This website seeks to give space to people who have experienced abuse and mistreatment. It is our intent to work on the issues of abusive behavior from within the community and to give a voice to those that have been silenced. The #MeToo movement empowered many women to speak up about the abuse they experienced after having been intimidated, silenced, and shamed. This precedence gave other victims of abuse the courage to speak about their experiences within their respective communities. Though it may be difficult for some to acknowledge, abuse and violence exists within the psychedelic community. Several collectives, associations, and individuals are beginning to address this. These include whoisstephenreid.com [1]We would like to acknowledge that this page was a primary inspiration in terms of how to publicly express such an issue. Thank you very much for the effort, thoughtfulness, and courage expressed in … Continue reading, the Burner community in Denmark via Lighthouse Association / The Borderland, ICEERS and their safety guidelines for the consumption of psychoactive plants, the Psychedelic Liberty Summit, Chacruna and Psymposia in the United States. These actions have helped to create platforms for those in need, show the urgency for action, inspire others to support these processes, and allow for healing.

Restorative Justice

This approach is based on respect, compassion, and inclusivity. It encourages meaningful engagement and accountability through communication of harms done, allowing offenders to take responsibility, and to address needs. The restorative justice approach has become more popular in recent years because it offers a participatory approach to justice. It focuses predominantly on the reconciliation as well as the reparation of the affected parties, instead of punishment or revenge. The justice process involves the offended, the offender, and their communities, resulting in a more consensual, participatory, and curative outcome. In other words, this approach views harmful behavior as not only harmful to the victim, but also to the offender and the greater community. As such, restorative justice focuses on the repair or errors committed so that everyone involved is able to find solace. 

In order to achieve healing for all of the parties, it is important to:

  • unearth, clarify and recognize past violations;
  • respond to the needs of the offended;
  • create a culture of responsibility and respect in the affected community;
  • outline institutional responsibility if applicable; and
  • create a model for positive future development through critical approaches, ongoing public dialogue and collective action. 

We established this website as a vehicle for telling the truth: a sharing platform which serves as a channel to give voice to those that have been harmed, provide a record of past abuse, and a container for personal recognition, collective healing and community building.

1 We would like to acknowledge that this page was a primary inspiration in terms of how to publicly express such an issue. Thank you very much for the effort, thoughtfulness, and courage expressed in this work.